Build Your Own Temple

“Build Your Own Temple” participation program is an opportunity for all Hindus to feel a sense of involvement into the transcendental events, of which we all shall become witnesses and participants. And for those, who took the responsibility to provide management of the construction and maintenance of the future temple, will be able to gain confidence that this historic project is set to succeed.

We ask everyone who is interested in this project to take on a feasible funding commitment. This project needs constant protection of all the participants. The program “Build Your Own Temple” is a system of monthly donations in many forms. It is designed to ensure financial stability, which, in turn, will allow technical department to plan their work .

You are invited to visit the temple with your family and friends to receive the blessings of lord Sri Satyanarayana

Please contribute to the temple and be a part of the “BUILD YOUR OWN TEMPLE” concept!

Ways to participate 

Funding and organizational support, wise counsel or simply a prayer – all this can become the building blocks that will form the foundation of the future Center. And any assistance you can provide will be truly priceless. Because by helping to build a temple on earth, we are building a temple in our hearts.

Anyone can participate in the construction project! We welcome any assistance!

Preparation of promotional material (creation and design)
Printing of advertising material
Creation of video footage on the project of the new Temple
Provision of media channels for advertising, assistance with on-line advertising
Creating web banners of the project
Advertising the project site on your site
Assistance in the project’s site administration
Shooting photos and video of the project’s important events and meetings
Manufacturing or purchasing of souvenir products
Maintenance of office equipment and office stationery
Artistic and poetic work
Making donation boxes
Providing an opportunity to place donation boxes in your shop or office
Cooking prasadam (including sweets) for VIP-meetings
Organizing VIP-meetings (providing facilities, transportation of preachers, etc.)
Presenting the project to your acquaintances, colleagues (with available promotional materials)
Murthis made of Granite for the temple
Deities made of bronze
Pond sponsor
Garden sponsor
Yard maintenance
Water well
Septic tank
Main Altar
Decoration Deities to be installed around the temple building
Decorations for the gods, such as saris, jewelry