Eagle Scout Projects at Sri Satyanarayana Temple

1) Eagle Scout Tree Project by: Ruthvik Jonna

Eagle Scout Ruthvik Jonna successfully completed the Tree project at the Temple. Hemeticulously planned and coordinated well to plant variety of Shade trees and fruit treesaround the Temple. He also made sure to take care of the trees till the roots gets wellestablished. Thanks to Ruthvik for this great effort and this provide shades and fruits andwill be much benefitted to the temple and community. 

2. Eagle Scout Sprinkler System Project by: Avaan Shilpi

Eagle Scout Avaan Shilpi successfully completed Sprinkler system project. He planned and led this project to complete with the help of around 15 scout boys and 5 adults, Designed well the water multiple zones with auto timer. The sprinkler system not only saves water and adequate, brings nice greenery around the temple. Helps to grow trees and vegetable beds. Fantastic job and thank you Avaan for your time, this will greatly help Sri Satyanarayana
temple and help the community

3. Eagle Scout Park Bench Project by: Tarun Manoharan

Eagle Scout Tarun Manoharan successfully completed Park Bench project.  This project is Park bench (3 numbers) can seat 24 people comfortably, designed & built from raw wood, treated and stain to weather resist. He planned and led this project to complete it successfully. This is a great addition to the temple and will help people to rest and relax in the park bench.  Thank you Tarun for completing this wonderful project this will greatly help Sri Satyanarayana temple and help the community!