Mission & History

Our mission:
The Sri Satyanarayana Temple of Greater Houston(SSTGH) is a Hindu house of worship where members congregate for worship, prayer, social & community service, education and family life. Our members will keep the core values of Hinduism alive by practicing kindness, openness and respect for all. The SSTGH will use the temple as a vehicle to promote education, volunteerism, community service, giving to the needy and above all, making a difference in the community we live in. We strive to be identified as a service focused faith based organization

Community Services:
The Community Services is an integral part of SSTGH and is chartered with the responsibility of serving the communities locally and globally on a need basis irrespective of religion, race, and cultural identity depending upon the available funds, on a priority and need basis.

Community Service projects are mainly aimed at basic human needs as food, shelter, medical and educational purposes. Community Services Programs identified and supported:
– Health Advisory Service
– Helping Local Food Banks
– Educational sessions
– Yoga class
– Health Seminars
– Donating to help people affected by natural catastrophe

In 2012, Mr. Krishna Bhat conceived the idea of building Sri Satyanarayana Temple with the intent of establish a Hindu spiritual hub in the Northwest area of Houston. He generously donated about two acres of land to seed these efforts and the project was born. Sri Satyanarayana Temple of Greater Houston was incorporated in October 2013, a board of trustees and directors was established.

Temple received approval from County and other agencies and all the  permits are in place. The Temple construction started in March -2019 and was completed by 2020. First phase would be a hall which will be used as the initial temple until the traditional temple is built. The construction committee has completed a conceptual architecture diagram and a leading architect with extensive experience designing and building numerous temples, has volunteered with the first conceptual design.

The Bhoomi Puja/Ground breaking was conducted on November 2nd 2014. Currently temple is open every Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00. Sri Satyanarayana puja is conducted every month in a temporary space next to the designated temple site every month.

All the deities are procured from Mahabalipuram, Tamilnadu, India. Pradista is planned for February 3 thru 5.